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By Robert D. Vergeson

Nostradamus recorded 942 predictions that for many throughout the years believe have come true, though not exactly letter to letter predictions as written during his life. His contemporary predictions held true during his life, where well known events, or deaths occurred, though they might not have been directly by name of the victim or actual date when they occurred. His descriptions of events of the future where often clouded by vagueness due to the very nature of them being far into the future. Some of these future events when they happened where contributed to Nostradamus predictions because of that vagueness. Those in his life where much easier to link to Nostradamus predictions then those of the far future of hundreds of years later. Today Devotees of Nostradamus still hold hope and fear that many of his future predictions remaining will hold true. In today’s modern world and thinking it is easy for many to contribute certain events to Nostradamus that may or may not have predicted some 500+ years ago. Many of his predictions center around natural causes, and when given the percentage rate of natural disaster happening in the future is increased tenfold times tenfold. The political predictions can be held to the same equation, and chances of political turmoil increase as wars increase and kingdoms and governments rise and fall. Nostradamus holds a fascination for many since his illustrious life and well after his death, which he also predicted at age 63, which for the 1500’s was a good age to live to. Whereas today, the lifespan is 80+ years in good health. Did he also predict this?

This story isn’t about Nostradamus and his unfulfilled predictions, or is it? This story starts with an obituary of a once well-known personality who fell into infamy many years ago, then into obscurity as his shame and crime brought down the man to lose his family wealth, position and power in government. He died while still serving a prison term for his high crimes. It started as a young man, inheriting his Father’s wealth from the family business. Then turning this wealth into greater wealth with expansion of this business into other fields while losing and regaining that wealth many times, and fighting lawsuits in court. Not always a savory image, built around public controversy, flamboyant lifestyle of the rich, and glamorous marriages.

In his later senior years, he decides to enter the political arena to run for his nation’s highest office, an arena he had no experience in or attributes that many would consider to his advantage. Once in the highest office, within a few years, this lack of attributes and experiences took him down a path of destructions and impeachment for misuse of power for personal financial gain, and putting the nation in jeopardy and risk to its national security and obstruction of Justice. Just a few months before re-election day for his second term he is officially and physically by the military removed from office as he attempted to order a coup and refuse supreme court orders for removal from that highest office. Again, refusing he had “Done no Wrong, he was fairly elected, and had power of office to do anything he wanted”, while he armed himself from eviction from office with a group of loyal party supporters barricading themselves in office and threatening violence and revenge, “I am the supreme commander of the Military forces of this nation”. He was removed from office by gun point.

Shortly after that he faced criminal actions on evidence he paid for his first election with foreign influence of the peoples vote, his re-election efforts as well. There were further evidence of Tax fraud, obstruction of justice and hiding off shore funds obtained while in office. Using his position of office to gain further wealth to which he and his family hid through secret accounts. Which showed while during office he hid links to knew multiple business ventures not previous publicly revealed and not put into trust while he held office. Many loyal party members turned evidence against him to avoid charges of treason and association. After a long battle, with convictions and monetary penalties he lost his wealth, and his family would find themselves virtually bankrupt with foreclosure and loss of business due to their involvement in crimes related to illegal gains, and association to foreign powers who also benefited by these crimes.

The first victims here where the people of the nation who were beguiled and convinced that their favorite son of the country was innocent of all wrong doing. Even as the favorite son of the nation he constantly claimed he “Had done no Wrong” while claiming this he used his power to obstruct justice and hide evidence of that wrong doing, again claiming executive privilege and power to do so. The second victims where the political party who represented him and also believed in him. Many influential members of the party where also, with evidence linked to them, convicted for knowing their leader was obstructing justice, and gaining personal wealth through office. Where that wealth was also ending up in their pocket. The Third victim here and most importantly the oldest and largest, was the mistrust in a democracy that was so riddled with corruption that it would take decades for its wounds to heal and for any party or independent to be trusted to do what was right for the country. The History books paint this era in history as the darkest time for democracy, and as the second Civil war, where if the wrong party won, the war would end with a monarchy or dictatorship in place of the Founding Father’s democracy. Though the right party won and a resemblance to our Founding Father’s democracy was restored. The era left deep resentment, and turmoil in our relationship with our allies, and left us vulnerable to our state enemies abroad and at home. As for the voters and electoral laws, a much longer battle ensured to make the kind of changes that would prevent this foreign influences and wealth of power from ever happening again.

It was once stated that “Impeachment would be a curse that will follow the victim throughout history” At 11:00 am Prisoner #00000001 was buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave. The only one there to wittiness his burial was a lonely Squirrel digging for Walnuts. History books will show what the authors believe to be the best way to mark his passing. “For his infamy against democracy, his name was removed from the annuals of recorded history. For someone who had “Done no Wrong” his name is forgotten, the worse curse a man can live and die with.” Did Nostradamus predict this, or did he die before he could.

Robert D. Vergeson

© 01/4/2020

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